Mountain Walrus was founded to explore and innovate in the field of room-scale virtual reality games. What do we mean by room-scale? We mean games where the player needs to physically move around their play area to move around and affect their virtual world. This means that players are continually walking and moving around in real life, making full use of their VR setup.

We believe in creating games around the unique advantages and challenges of virtual reality, not simply taking existing game genres and adapting them to fit the new technology. You won’t find us making games where the player teleports around or moves themselves with a controller, we want people to move!

To make these games we assembled a small team of developers working out of an incubator space in Birmingham. We won a grant from the UK games fund for our innovative prototype ‘The Tower’ and are currently working to bring it to market as the first in the series of VR games exploring room-scale design.